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"Nevskaya miniatura" studio has begun the activity in March, 2005 and has been based by Tatyana Gapchenko

Many artists of a high class who repeatedly participated in the international competitions, winning medals, now continue the activity in Nevskaya miniatura studio.

In our studio the models executed by sculptors not only having popularity as Nikolay Kaftyrev, but also young not less talented are made. We also accept orders for manufacture of model under the individual project.

In November, 26-27, 2005 there was an exhibition in Sevr (suburb of Paris), in which we participated. There were several works from our firm, painted in the highest quality.

It is Tamerlan's warrior, 1390, the sculptor - Sholban Tarachi, the artist - Svetlana Novikova. This figure was painted in old Iranian traditions. This work took the gold medal.


The composition of two samurais, 16 century, the Tokugava's warrior and ranin took the bronze medal. The sculptor is Nicolay Kaftirev and the artist is Tatiana Gapchenko. The special prize from mayor of Sevr was given to this figure too.

The gold medal was given for the new figure - Arabian warrior, 13 century, the sculptor is Tatiana Gapchenko and the artist is Irina Vasiljeva.

Euro Militare 2006, in september, United Kingdom, the Folkston
In this competition two our figures won the gold medals.

Knight in ceremonial armor
Artist Tatiana Gapchenko


Fragment of a Turkish warrior battles with the European knight
Artist Irina Vasil'eva


World Expo 2008, Spain, Girona, Jule 2008
The exhibition has been in the building named Palau de Fires. In this competition took part more than 3000 figures. The figures, which were paint in our firm won three silver medals and one figure has got especially presend.

Karl V 1530. (90μμ)
Artist Ekaterina Dolgova


Warrior, 16 century
Artist Tatiana Gapchenko


Arab soldier of XV century
Artist Valentina Kostina


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